My Temporary Life Trilogy Boxed Set

Books 1-3 + Bonus Short Story Collection

About the Book

Two boys the world leaves behind. The man who becomes their father. And the home they spend their lives trying to find.

All three books from the Bestselling My Temporary Life Trilogy, plus the #1 Bestselling short story collection Lies I Never Told.

My Temporary Life (Book One)


It has everything, simply everything-a coming of age, a romance, and a thriller all rolled into one delightful read.

My Name Is Hardly (Book Two)

A beautiful girl goes missing and does not want to be found,
A soldier is given his last and most dangerous mission,
A vow is made to a dying friend.

Gerald “Hardly” McDougall is a forgotten man. He’s abused, bullied, and left behind. The only escape left is to join the British Army. At first, he’s a reluctant soldier. Then, everything changes when tensions in Northern Ireland escalate, and the Army need a man with a particular set of characteristics. Hardly’s assignment takes him into the heart of the troubles where he lives in the same houses as the IRA soldiers he’s fighting against.

All Good Men Must Fall (Book Three)

Is it possible to start over?
Do ghosts from the past really disappear?
Can you leave them behind in a different country, a different life, and pretend they never existed?

Malcolm has everything he ever wanted. He returns home to Scotland to live with his partner, Heather and her daughter, Emily. Their extended family includes his father and his best friend, Hardly. When Heather begins to hear strange noises in their old house, she knows who it is. She believes that her father, who was pronounced dead, has tracked them down and has come to take back Emily.

Lies I Never Told – A Collection of Short Stories

It’s what we do. We make our own beds. We become thirty, then forty. We divorce and re-marry and visit our children on weekends, and work at jobs we never dreamt of doing, and have too many relationships with people we don’t like. On the outside we look like any other forty-year-old hero. We’re not though, because it never goes away. No matter how hard we try to hide it, inside we’re still seventeen, sitting at the river, looking for the girl with the brown eyes.

In this intensely personal collection of short stories, bestselling author Martin Crosbie writes about relationships, sex, children, infidelities, guilt, and sometimes, the absence of guilt.

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The Details

Published: June 25, 2021
Publisher: Martin Crosbie
Formats: EbookHardcover
ISBN-10: 1777808812ISBN-13: 978-1777808815ASIN: B097ZJ72CK
Genres & Tropes
Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Drama, Fiction