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Book Cover: My Temporary Life by Martin Crosbie
Book Cover: My Name Is Hardly by Martin Crosbie
Book Cover: All Good Men Must Fall by Martin Crosbie
Book Cover: My Temporary Life Trilogy Boxed Set by Martin Crosbie
Book Cover: The Dead List by Martin Crosbie
Book Cover: One Minute Past Midnight by Martin Crosbie
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Book Cover:Lies I Never Told by Martin Crosbie


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Welcome! I appreciate you stopping by my author page. If you’re new here, thank you for checking out my work, I appreciate it.

My novels have been described by reviewers as Literary Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, and Romance. Oh, and from time to time I’m tagged with the Coming of Age description also. Sometimes, all of those genres apply to the same novel. Please grab a copy of the free book that’s available on this page. That’ll give you an idea of the stories that I write.

And, if you’re a reader who’s enjoyed my work in the past, thank you for waiting.

I am back. After a five year break from writing while I created BookDoggy, a tool that authors and publishers all over the world now use, I have resumed my writing career. I have a new book written and it is currently in the dreaded revision stage. From there it will go to my editors and then I hope to have it published by the end of 2023.

I look forward to sharing details of my upcoming novel with you as well as a new book that I think will really surprise many readers.

Martin Crosbie
July 2023


Martin Crosbie - Author
Martin Crosbie - Author4 weeks ago
Print books have arrived. I'll be in touch with the very patient readers who have been waiting for signed copies in a day or so.

We took 5 or 6 snaps of this picture and Oliver photobombed me in each one. So, it seems as though he should get his Andy Warhol moment.
Martin Crosbie - Author
Martin Crosbie - Author2 months ago
Is 6 years between books a long time?
Yes, it probably is.
I'm so pleased to let you know that my new book "One Minute Past Midnight" is now available from Amazon in eBook format.
Print copies will be available for order online in a few days.
I can't wait to hear what you guys think of it.
Oh, and thanks for waiting!
Martin Crosbie - Author
Martin Crosbie - Author2 months ago
It's happening next week.
"One Minute Past Midnight: A John Drake Mystery" will be released.
Here's the working synopsis:
Two brothers visiting Ireland are saved by a mysterious priest. A shy young girl must fight her way out of her smalltown. A police officer befriends a displaced killer. And a native man with a gift of seeing into the future flees his village.
All their stories are connected as John Drake must come to grips with whether to reveal who he really is in order to save a missing child or continue living in the darkness.
The chilling final installment in bestselling author Martin Crosbie’s John Drake Mystery series (can also be read as a standalone novel).
Martin Crosbie - Author
Martin Crosbie - Author5 months ago
We're getting closer.
What do you guys think of these covers for my upcoming book?
Do we go with #1 or #2?
#1 is the hatless boy looking over the town.
#2 is the man with the hat.
The book is thriller/lit fiction. Think Girl with the Dragon Tatoo'ish.
Martin Crosbie - Author
Martin Crosbie - Author7 months ago
The two most satisfying words an author can type.
The story has been told. I need to do one last read through and then I'll send it to my editor. Expect the title and cover reveal of my latest novel within the next couple of weeks.
Martin Crosbie - Author
Martin Crosbie - Author11 months ago
The rumors are true. I have resumed my writing career after a five year break. (I was doing other things - honest)!
In anticipation of a new book being released later this year, I have a new website. To check it out you only have to click. Just one, solitary click and you can see what I've been up to.
The book title and plot details will be revealed in the coming weeks.
As always, this very grateful writer totally appreciates your support.

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