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I KNOW HOW MY TEMPORARY LIFE ENDS (And a Free BookDoggy Contest)

My first novel, My Temporary Life was rejected by over one hundred and thirty agents and publishers. Nobody wanted to publish my book. So, I did it myself through Amazon’s KDP platform. My book became a bestseller and in a short period of time sold over thirty thousand copies. Back at the beginning of 2012, this was a big deal,…

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My Gift to you –
Free eBooks And My Temporary Life Book Three

All Good Men Must Fall I’m extremely grateful that so many of you have stuck with me since My Temporary Life was released in 2011. And many of you welcomed the sequel, My Name Is Hardly when I published it in 2012. And you waited patiently when I said the last book of the trilogy would be available soon. I’m…

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Lies I Never Told

Ed Griffin, author of the excellent novel, Prisoners of the Williwaw, (yep, you’re right, that was a plug for Ed’s book), teaches Creative Writing classes, and he’s a great teacher. I took one of his classes twice, and one of the reasons I did that was because of something he does midway through one of the sessions. In the middle…

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You Can Never, Ever Give Up On the Dream

I run a different promotion at least once a month. I have five books so it’s easy to vary my attempts. I’ve found that blogging helps get my name out there and long-term it helps sell books but the promotions I run monthly are designed to sell books now. So, I buy ads on promotional sites. Lately I’ve been combining…

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