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Writing, with assistance from the Rock and Roll Warriors

My writing mentor, Ed Griffin would tell me there’s no such thing as writer’s block. He’d say that writing is work just like everything else and it requires sitting down and hammering out the words until they make sense. Even if it’s gibberish put it on paper because you never know where it may lead. Ed was right but sometimes…

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Self-Publishing Secrets Revealed –
Free Author Tools

I’m going to give you 4 free author tools that will help you determine whether an individual or company is indeed walking the talk. The Wizard of Oz was a tired old man hiding behind a screen. The only real tool he had was that he knew how to control the switch for the strobe light. Once he flicked that switch he appeared…

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Do you call yourself an Author or Writer? Should You?

Of all the blogs published recently perhaps the one that’s drawn the most ire of self-published authors is the one questioning whether Indie or self-published authors have the right to call themselves authors. The um, author of the article asked whether writing a book and uploading it to Amazon or Smashwords constituted giving yourself the title of “author”. He then…

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