You Gotta Stay Positive

Have you ever read an article and gotten halfway through, or perhaps even read it to the end, and thought to yourself, “Wow, that guy was a real flake.” I’m going to make a concentrated effort to not leave you feeling that way, but with the subject matter I’m about to cover I might just lose you. I’m going to talk about positive energy and how it relates to furthering your career as an author. No, no, wait, don’t go. I promise it’ll be okay. I’ll start with the flakey stuff and then morph into the practical aspect and then end on the flakiness. It’ll be cool. Trust me. You can even listen to some tunes while you read.

I believe that positive energy finds and creates other forms of positive energy. From personal experience I’ve determined that if I can stay in that zone and emit positive energy in the form of encouragement or mentorship or even empathy it’ll come back to me in a positive way. I know it will. So, I try to remain positive when I can. Now, I do slip from time to time but I can usually correct myself before I come crashing down. And, I try to surround myself with people who are also in that same positive headspace. I try to do that with my work too.

I believe in the mandate shared by my colleagues at Indies Unlimited and the Masterkoda Facebook group as well as the other groups I participate in. We believe in paying it forward and helping others. By doing this it has come back to help me many times. The authors in my immediate support group are on the same path. We push each other forward and if one of us is down we nip it in the bud and help the person move forward in a, yep, you got it, positive fashion. If Amazon changes the appearance of our sales dashboard, or eliminates a couple of our reviews, or if we can’t seem to connect with enough readers in a given month, we don’t give up and gripe endlessly. We have no time for long drawn-out threads that suppose what is going to happen next or predicts the end of e-book paradise. The only result from that type of thinking is bringing each other down even further. I’d much rather look ahead and focus on the positive elements.

So, this is what I propose. The next time you encounter that negative energy whether it be in the form of a Facebook post or negative review or even an email, walk from it. Although we’re powerless over many things we do have the ability to change our thinking. If we don’t like what’s happening in the room – we can leave the room. And, if you really want to mess with the sender of the negativity, send them back some positive vibes. It works; believe me. Okay, flakiness is officially over. You may now resume your normal behavior.

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  1. I’ve learned that paying it forward never backfires.(hey, wasn’t that clever? lol)I tend to sink into the negative side at times, but helping others always has a positive effect.

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      That was clever, Yvonne. Yes, it always tends to lead to another opportunity.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jackie Weger says:

    Golly! I am always a dang day late! I agree 110% with you, Martin. Personally, I think what we in the South call “poor-mouthing” is an excuse not to work toward a positive result. The key word is “work”. When I promote, I sell books. When I don’t promote, I don’t sell any. There are months when I’m bogged down with writing and editing — so promotion has to take a back seat. It’s still in the car–but I don’t run around moaning my books aren’t selling. I look for positive ways to gather reviews. I mentor a group of indie authors as best I can. Some are far more savvy than I–so I listen and learn. Positive energy spreads…negative energy is like one of those black holes in cyberspace–sucks everything into it and gives nothing back. I love being an indie author. I just love it. I’m glad we are in the universe.

    Jackie Weger

  3. No, not a “flaky” at all, but sensible. What you’re speaking about is an emotional virus, and just like any other virus, it can be quickly transmitted from person to person. When you soak in negative thoughts and emotions you trigger the stress response. The Stress Zone is one place a writer does not want to be – it inhibits creativity and impacts productivity. When it is prolonged it sets up the scene for ill health.

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      Aha, I like that – an emotional virus. And, we carry the antidote around with us. Very cool!
      Thank you Marianna!

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