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As part of my ongoing quest to achieve sainthood, and to continue creating positive energy and paying it forward I’ve compiled a handy-dandy list of review sites. Under the Authors Tools section of my website I recently included lists that will help you access hundreds of reviewers and bloggers. Once you’re in the Authors Tools section click on Book Reviewers and Bloggers and you’ll see what I’ve put together.

I’ve given workshops at several events lately and one of the questions I’m often asked is how to find reviewers and review sites. Fortunately, we have many options. Unfortunately most reviewers have a huge backlist. You can begin the process as soon as you have a beta-read, edited, totally vetted copy of your manuscript. Check out the genres that your selected reviewer is interested in and then read their submission guidelines. These folks are so busy that they need a method of checking out submitted books, and if you don’t follow their guidelines the relationship is probably going to stall right at the beginning. Once you have found your reviewers begin submitting.

One of the lists I’ve included for you is the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Reviewers. I found this list shortly after I published my first book and it’s a great way to receive input from reviewers who typically read the top novels in a specific genre. Again, make sure you submit only to the reviewer who is interested in your genre and abide by their submission guidelines.

Many of you have been accessing the other information that’s included in the Authors Tools section. Here’s a reminder of what it offers:

  1. If you need a photo or image for a blog post I list dozens of sites where you can access a picture at no charge
  2. I’m constantly updating and adding to the list of sites where you can promote your book.
  3. I list some Twitter accounts and hashtags that you may want to alert when you promote your book.
  4. I list the contact information for my editor, formatter, cover designers, and web designer.
  5. The biggie is the new one though. The Book Reviewers and Bloggers tab should be a really handy resource.

Good luck, I hope the above information helps and if you have a site that you’d like included just let me know and I’ll add you.

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  1. Jackie Weger says:

    Martin: I have a question. I copied the list of Twitter accounts to notify of a promotion. Are you telling us that we can use say: @kindleebooks at the foot of a tweet or: @kindleebooks as a direct message in hopes one of the sites might pick up the Freebie.

    This list is such a boon! You deserve every bit of your success!

    You are much appreciated.

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      You’re awesome, Jackie, and you said it. It’s work. I need to do something every month to promote my books.
      If I don’t they just plod along.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      Jackie, put the @kindleebooks etc. accounts at the end of your tweet. That way your tweet is identified with that account and hopefully the
      account retweets it.

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