martinweb07I’m doing two things right now that I never thought I’d do. I’m putting together a workbook, that I’ll publish in a few weeks, on how-to self-publish professionally, and I’m organizing a weekend workshop on how to self-publish and reach the maximum amount of readers. I never thought I’d do either of these things because I saw lots of other authors doing them and I knew there was lots of information out there. Unfortunately, a lot of the information that’s being given to new writers is wrong, just wrong.

I wrote in a recent blog about a self-publishing workshop I attended a couple of months back and how disappointed I was with the information that was presented. The workshop was all about what you can’t do instead of what you can do. There were a lot of authors in the audience, all interested in self-publishing and I felt they were being misled. You can read that article here

The other thing that happened recently that made me re-evaluate my thinking was a good thing, in a way. I’d been invited to teach an online workshop to a group of writers who were on the other end of the country. We conducted the workshop via Skype, and there were so many questions at the end of my presentation that we went thirty minutes overtime. It was awesome. There were authors who had finished their first manuscript, authors who were traditionally published, and authors who had already self-published, and they all had lots of questions, and it made me realize something. I’m involved daily talking to other authors, interacting with folks who promote self-published books online. I use words like “Indie” and “freeloads” and “also-boughts”, and some authors reading this will know what I’m talking about, but some won’t. A whole language has developed, and is developing within the self-publishing industry and just because you’re an author doesn’t mean you know what’s happening here. All of the questions asked of me at the workshop were excellent and there were some very good writers in attendance, too. And, a lot of them were asking basic questions about self-publishing. So, I decided to do something. I decided I’d write a book about my experiences, after all, I’m one of those lucky authors who had tens of thousands of readers download my books in the past year. And, I decided I’d teach an intensive weekend-long workshop helping writers learn how to self-publish professionally and maximize the amount of readers they can reach. I’ve been fortunate enough to partner up with Kathrin Lake and the Vancouver School of Writing and we’re going to have a whole bunch of fun and try and help a lot of people this September at the campus of a local college in downtown Vancouver, on the beautiful west coast of Canada.

Now, as we were assembling the curriculum and deciding how much information we could cram into a weekend I was off sitting on a panel at another local writer’s festival. Two weeks ago I got to talk my talk at the North Shore Writer’s Festival. It’s a big deal in our area, and it was a real honour to be invited. It’s a fantastic event. The festival is reader and author friendly and attracted lots of people. Kathrin had put together a very nice flyer telling folks that we were going to take them through a step-by-step procedure on how to get their work uploaded to Amazon, and that we were going to fill them in on the most current ways to promote their books and take a shot at hitting the bestseller lists. We had a sign-up sheet with the flyer and expected to get three or four folks signing up asking for more information. We were optimistic but realistic too, after all, we’d put together the flyer quite hastily. Twenty-eight writers signed up asking for more information. Some of them even emailed me afterwards asking to be kept apprised of any further workshops. Again, it was awesome.

When Kathrin and I first talked about doing something to help folks I thought I’d put together a short outline of what I’d like to cover. The first draft of my short outline was twelve pages and as I mentioned, is now working its way towards becoming a full-length book. In the book and workshop we’re going to talk about the best ways to create a book cover (including where you can find free covers), perfecting your synopsis, picking the correct categories/genres, pricing, and of course marketing. We’re going to show authors ways that promotional opportunities can come to them for free and we’re going to outline the best and most current ways to get the buy-links for your books onto the computer screens of potential readers. In the few days since the official registration has been live I’ve had emails from authors telling me that there’s a real need for this type of information and thanking me, and we’ve had folks signing up every day.

I’ll have my book out by early July and signup information for our September workshop is right here Bestseller-Lists-Secrets-Weekend

If you have any questions on the workshop send me an email at We’ve priced our event lower than any other workshop on the market and there’s a substantial discount if you register this month. It’s going to be so much fun; I wish it was starting today. I hope to see you there.

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