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The Most Current Method of Connecting with Readers

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That’s a pretty bold title – isn’t it? Bearing in mind that everything is contingent on having written a book that readers want to read, I think I have the answer for you. Or, at least I think I can lead you to the door that will give you the answer.

I released the first edition of my self-publishing guidebook in the fall of 2013. This truly was the book I didn’t want to write. I’m a lucky guy. I had novels I was working on and readers waiting to read my new work. I should have been working on new fiction releases, and I was but, as I was told afterward – sometimes you follow the path and sometimes you follow the plan. Apparently, I was following the path.

I attended a self-publishing fair at the beginning of 2013. It turned out to be a fair showcasing vanity publishers, printing houses, and hybrid publishers. In other words these were services available to authors for a fee that they could accomplish by themselves. I spent the day at the event and didn’t like what I heard. I subscribe to the “pay it forward” philosophy and I tried to get my message out at the fair, but there were too many authors who didn’t know what I was talking about, and I was outgunned. So, I wrote a self-publishing guidebook and taught a couple of workshops and spoke at some events. My mandate was to show authors who were interested in self-publishing that you can produce a professional product that can stand spine to virtual spine with any traditionally published book, and you can do this without breaking the bank. I preach that professional editing, formatting and cover design are mandatory and affordable, but there are many other tasks you can do by yourself. My book came out, sold very well and I continued writing my novels. The story did not end there though. In fact, that was just the beginning.

Shortly after I released my book a number of new websites that were quite effective in connecting readers and authors appeared, and some of the methods I’d outlined in my book changed slightly. Three months after my book was out the information was beginning to date. The basic philosophy remained the same and ninety percent of the book was valid but I wanted to have the most current information on the market available, and I didn’t. So, I revised a couple of sections, added the contact information for the new sites in the Helpful Links guide at the back of the book, and I contacted Amazon. When I asked if I could update the content they agreed. So, now my book was current, but all the readers who had purchased the book did not have the new information. I contacted Amazon again and after a couple of discussions they agreed to alert previous buyers that there was a new version available for download. Mission accomplished – all of the folks who had bought or were going to buy my guidebook would have the most current information available. Everything would have been great if things had stayed the same, but that didn’t happen.

Indie World is changing rapidly. As the months went by Amazon introduced their Kindle Countdown Deal, and my colleagues and I experimented with the most efficient ways to utilize this new opportunity. Authors released their works in box sets and blew everyone out of the water, routinely scaling the upper levels of the USA Today bestseller list. And again, several new promo sites appeared. These promotional sites quickly built their subscriber bases and became quite effective at advertising our books. So, I began revising my guidebook. I began at the beginning and corrected any information that had changed in the few months since it was released. I added and deleted and added some more. The previous changes I made were minor compared to the complete overhaul that happened this time.

Here are some of the new items I included:

  • Balance – A total system that allows you to write more than you promote.
  • Kindle Countdown/Free Promotions – I break them down and show you what works.
  • The Business of Writing – How to hire and manage outside help (without breaking the bank).

Additionally, and according to my beta readers, this feature is going to be the most helpful, I included some advertising templates. So, you plug in your book information and the template shows you where to advertise, for how long, and on which days.

The new version is twenty thousand words heavier and full of information. Each time I worked on it I was able to clarify and include the truly pertinent processes and formulas that30k ebook print-final-080114 authors need in order to produce professional content and connect with readers. As you can tell, I’m very proud of the end result. When I released the initial version ninety-nine percent of the feedback was positive. There were some minor points that some authors were kind enough to add but the reviews that came in were very good. And, this was a good thing because my audience was my peers and I did not want to disappoint. This book was aimed at a very broad audience. My goal was to help novices as well as experts. I believe I accomplished that and How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle – An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook 2014 Edition, in my opinion is the most current information on the market on how to self-publish and connect with readers.

If you’ve purchased a previous edition you can go to your Manage My Kindlesection and download this updated edition FOR FREE. Please do it! I want everyone to have the information that’s within those pages. And, if you haven’t bought the book yet it’s priced at an affordable $4.99 for the e-book version. Here’s the link to the product page. Please take a peek, read the synopsis, and perhaps read the reviews that other authors have left. Or, query your colleagues and ask if any of them have read my book. Again, I’m a lucky guy; this guidebook has been downloaded thousands of times in less than a year, so one of your associates may be familiar with it. And, as the world changes again and more methods become available, rest assured that when I publish the next edition next year (assuming Amazon maintains their current policies), you’ll be able to download it at no cost also. With How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle – An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook 2014 Editionyou will always have the most current information available. Good luck with your writing!


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