We’ve become better, a lot better, at what we do. If you compare book covers, blurbs, or just the general presentation of self-published books from a year ago to today you’ll see drastic differences. There are still product pages that are lacking but if I go into a bookstore I sometimes see traditionally-published books that look like they should still be on the designer’s workbench too. For the most part, the self-publishing industry is not only growing in terms of product sold; it’s also growing in professionalism.


Other industries I’ve been involved with often have think-tank type groups comprised of managers from competing companies. They form an association to try and help further their industry by sharing some information and attempting to increase consumer awareness of their products or services. Often, because of the competitive nature of business, the progress is slow and there’s some reluctance between rivals to exchange information. Not so in the self-publishing arena. With few exceptions we share all information, real and imagined. We share the actual and the presumptive. The presumptive of course is the gossip. For example, when Amazon eliminates the way our product pages are set up – the system is broken and will never be fixed! The actual is when we find lists of resources and save them under our bookmarks or favorites. On the AUTHOR’S
tab of my website I’ve compiled a list of promotion sites, handy hashtags, and Twitter accounts. The newest arrival to this resource is a list of places where you can find images and photos that you can utilize for free.

I’m often searching for the perfect picture to use in a blog post or article. The list I’ve compiled includes fifteen sites where you’ll find hundreds of thousands of free images. Please beAAAAA sure to check each site’s guidelines (as they sometimes change) and ensure that the image you’re using is indeed copyright-free. I inadvertently used someone else’s image for a blog I published on my website last year. I wrote an article for Indies Unlimited detailing this experience. You can read that article here. Do not think that you are immune to copyright laws because of the size of your site. We’re all subject to the same laws. So again, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines of each site listed.

With this list you should be able to find virtually any image you need for your blogs or other projects. You can access the list here. Just look under FREE PHOTO AND IMAGE SITES.

Good Luck!

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