New Year, New Website, Everything Else is the Same…Kinda

Christmas me and Jada 2013I’ve had a blast this year. I’ve spent most of it writing, but I did do some other things too. Here’s what I got up to professionally in 2013.

I published three new books:

Lies I Never Told – A Collection of Short Stories

This collection helped introduce new readers to my work.

How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle – An-Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook, 2014 Edition

Never expected this book to do so well, but it hit #1 in a couple of bestseller categories and is currently selling more than any of my other books.


Believing Again: A Tale Of Two Christmases

Yep, I wrote a romance. Lots of readers downloaded this book over the holidays and I’m happy to report that the reviews are very positive.

I continued to contribute to the Indies Unlimited website,

I taught a workshop, helping authors self-publish their books

And I totally neglected my website. I wrote a few blogs and posted them throughout the year but for the most part I left it alone. I justified this by telling myself that I wasn’t happy with the way it looked. So, I ignored it. Recently, that changed. I hired a brilliant web design person to spruce up my site and she did a great job. In fact if anyone needs some help with their site let me know and I’ll send her your way. I hope to post blogs more regularly on my new, improved site in the coming months and as usual I have more projects in the works too.

Here are my plans for 2014:

1.       I’m going to complete “Believing Again Book Two: A Tale Of Two Valentines”.   

This is the story of Billy, the character from book one. I had no idea that so many readers would be interested in what happened to him. So, because of your kind interest, Billy’s story will be told and the book will be released in April (probably).

My research tells me that seasonal books sell well, but I’ve learned that they don’t necessarily just sell during the seasons they’re set in. So, although this book won’t be available until after Valentine’s Day I’m still fairly confident that readers will take a chance on it.

2.      I will complete the third book in the “My Temporary Life” trilogy.

Yes, this will be done.

I’ve had a problem that every author would love to have. The first book in the series, “My Temporary Life”, has sold incredibly well. The book has become so well-liked, that in order to satisfy readers who enjoyed it I need to make sure the last book is as good or hopefully even better than the first one. I don’t want anyone to think that it’s sub-par. Unfortunately, I believe the draft I’ve been working on is good but not good enough. So, I’ve started over. And, instead of telling the last part of the story from Heather’s point of view I’m telling it from Malcolm’s viewpoint. This is his story so it only makes sense that he completes the telling of it. This book will be written and released later in the year and will include Heather, Hardly, Alex, and many others from the first two books. Thanks for your patience and continued support on this one.

3.        I will continue teaching workshops and helping authors self-publish.

My next workshop is in March and will be held at Douglas College in New Westminster, Canada. The course is in conjunction with the Vancouver School of Writing and I’m very fortunate to have writing coach, Kathrin Lake as my co-presenter. Many of the authors who took part in our September course have now published their books and are connecting with readers and selling books every day. And, they’re doing it in a professional and cost-effective manner.

4.       I’m going to continue speaking at writing events whenever I’m asked.

I love doing this. In January, Pam Stack is interviewing me on her radio show. This will be an awesome time; Pam is a very cool person to be around. I’m also speaking at a writer’s group via Skype in early January. This is a great way to connect with folks long-distance and I hope to do it more often (just ask me). And, I’m speaking in person at two other writer’s groups in January too.

Plus, I’m giving at talk at a self-publishing fair that the BC Federation of Writers is holding in March in downtown Vancouver, and I’m sitting on a panel at the North Shore Writers’ association’s festival in April. There are other events in the planning stage too. I’m hoping to give some free seminars through Surrey libraries on self-publishing and I’m on the short-list to speak at an event at UBC this summer too. The most exciting possibility though is one that takes place in October. My friend, well-known book reviewer, Loretta Gillespie helped organize a self-publishing fair in Alabama last year that was wildly successful. If things go according to plan I hope to be there in October learning from other authors and talking about my own experiences too.

I’ll post updates on the LATEST NEWS section of my website and on my Facebook page too. If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook yet please say hello

I’m in the process of shutting down my book page and transferring everyone over to my personal page. You’ll be able to find release dates, deals on books, and more information on my speaking engagements. And, if you’d taken a peek over the holidays you would have seen a Christmas Day picture of me and one of my daughters. That’s the photo featured on this blog post. Thank you all so much for your support during the past year and I hope to be able to provide you with some worthwhile reading material in 2014!

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  1. Brenda Perlin says:

    Absolutely, incredibly important information!!!! Thank you for sharing. 2013 has been a very good year. Glad to see you are working on this the book in your series. We have all been waiting!!! The first two, “My Temporary Life” and “My Name Is Hardly” were wonderful books. I had to read My Temporary life twice because it touched me so.

    Wishing you and yours the very best in 2014… and more books!!! 😉

  2. Karen Dodd says:

    It was so lovely to re-bask in your successes from last year, and heading into next year, Martin.

    As one of those authors you mentioned who self-published this year and are selling books, I just wanted to say that I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope you know what a truly supportive and compassionate person you are, and how grateful all of us are, whose lives have been touched by you!

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      Now that’s a comment that I’ll definitely approve. Thank you Karen. It’s been great getting to know you and seeing you succeed!

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