New Promo Opportunities, Updated List of Free Photo Sites, And My Preferred Editor, Formatter, Cover Artist, and Web Designer

New Promo Opportunities, Updated List of Free Photo Sites, And My Preferred Editor, Formatter, Cover Artist, and Web Designer

In the past few months I’ve come to love my website. Part of the reason, or perhaps the only reason, is that I found a great techy person who is helping me. She’s one of those rare people who have creative and technical skills in abundance. So, because of her input my website looks pretty good these days. We added an Author’s Tools  tab a few months ago that many of you have utilized. Under this tab I compiled lists of resources that I’ve come to count on. It contains listings of promotional sites that will feature your free or discounted books, Twitter hashtags to direct attention to your work, as well as a list of places where you can procure free photos and images for use in your blogs and articles. I received lots of help when I published my first book from other more established authors and I’ve tried to pay it forward and help out when I can. In the interest of continuing to spread the positive energy I recently expanded this resource and I think you’ll like what I’ve done.

If you happen to visit my website, (or perhaps you’re currently here), and access the Author’s Tools tab at the top of the page you’ll see several new options. There are still lists of promotional sites where you can advertise your sale or giveaway. In fact there are more sites to choose from now as I’ve added a few new sites that I’ve recently found. Many of them number their subscribers in the thousands so they’re worth considering. And, the Twitter information is still there. And, the link that will allow you to access sites where you can download free photos and images is there too. In fact I’ve added sixteen new sites to that list. Always double-check the website’s guidelines as attribution is sometimes necessary and from time to time they may sneak a paid photo into the selections they offer. With this expanded list you now have access to hundreds of thousands of free photos so it’s a pretty convenient resource. That’s not the only thing I’ve done though.

            When I teach workshops I often talk about producing your work so that it can stand spine to virtual spine with any traditionally published e-book. Professional editors, formatters, web designers, and cover designers are available to us. And, we don’t have to break the bank to hire very good people. I’m often asked who I use to produce my books. So, there is now a section where I’m happy to give you the contact information of my editor, formatter, cover artist, and website designer. These are people who have helped me produce my own books and work on my website. So, with this expanded list of promotional sites, more places to find free photos, and the contact info for my team of professionals you may want to bookmark

As I find new information that I want to share with you I’ll update my site, and all of these helpful links and more are updated twice a year in my self-publishing guidebook. If you’re already purchased How I Sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle-An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook the next update will take place during the summer. At that time Amazon will alert you that there is an updated version and you can re-download and receive the most current self-publishing guidebook on the market. And, if you have not purchased my book I’d very much appreciate if you’d check it out by clicking here. Good luck with your projects!

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