I KNOW HOW MY TEMPORARY LIFE ENDS (And a Free BookDoggy Contest)

To celebrate the release of my new novel – All Good Men Must Fall: Book Three of the My Temporary Life Trilogy I’m running another BookDoggy contest. With this one, I’m upping the stakes. I’m giving away two $20 Amazon gift certificates. As always, entering is simple. Sign up using the entry form below, and I’d like to spread the word, so please indicate where you’re going to share this article (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc). To share just refresh the page after entering the contest and click on one of the shareable icons at the bottom of the article. I’ll announce the winners about a week after All Good Men Must Fall has been released.

Last month’s contest winners were: Elaine F. and Bonnie B.

My first novel, My Temporary Life was rejected by over one hundred and thirty agents and publishers. Nobody wanted to publish my book. So, I did it myself through Amazon’s KDP platform. My book became a bestseller and in a short period of time sold over thirty thousand copies. Back at the beginning of 2012, this was a big deal, and I was in relatively uncharted waters. Not many self-published books had hit the top five overall on Amazon and not many self-published authors had sold those kinds of numbers. The success of my book and the surrounding publicity from that very surreal time allowed me to keep writing.

I decided to turn that first novel into the first of a trilogy and I wrote a second book. My Name Is Hardly also sold well and over the next couple of years readers messaged and emailed asking me when the final book of the trilogy would be available. The tweets and messages have continued, but until now I’ve failed to complete the series. In the past four years I’ve written a self-publishing guidebook, a collection of short stories, a romance, and one of Amazon’s imprint publishers published a mystery that I’m very proud of. The muse would not allow me to complete the third in the trilogy, though. Recently, that changed. I had a breakthrough.

All Good Men Must Fall is book three in the My Temporary Life Trilogy and is available as a pre-order. That means you can order it now and when the eBook goes live on Tuesday, April 4 it will automatically be added to your kindle. You can learn more about the book by clicking on the book cover.

I’ve lived with the basic plot of this book for several years. I wrote it and re-wrote it over and over again. I almost completed it twice but I was never satisfied with the final result. Finally, I feel like the story has been told in a way that I think you’ll be happy with. The responses from my beta readers have been positive and opinionated. No one has been able to just read this book. Everyone has an opinion on the events that take place in the story with their characters, and I very much appreciate that. If you’re a reader who has encouraged me over these past years I sincerely thank you. Or, if you’re new to my work I appreciate you taking the time to check out my books.

Also, I want to let you know about a couple of other special new releases.
My friend Cate Farren has rounded up a group of USA Today bestselling authors, and put together a collection of their works. This anthology of 15 novels is a steal at 99 cents. Just You And Me is currently available as a pre-order. Please click on the book cover to the left to check it out. And my local writing buddy, Elen Ghulam is also releasing her new book on April 4th. Spoonful Chronicles: A Novel About Food is a comedic novel about the queen of hummus. I dare you to read the blurb and not laugh. You can read more about Elen’s novel by clicking the book cover on the right.

As always, I thank you for your support. Please share and enter the BookDoggy contest, and I do hope you enjoy All Good Men Must Fall.




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