– A New Type of eBook Promotion Site – A New Type of eBook Promotion Site

The first problem we had was that we didn’t know what to call it. All of the good names seemed to be gone. We wanted something that would jump out and attract attention and show the world what our intentions were. Sitting in our office with our black lab sprawled on the floor between us we’d throw a name out into the air and listen as it bounced back at us ineffectively over and over again.

Then we’d stare at Brandy, the dog. And, we’d try again. Finally, the dog looked up at my partner with her deep brown eyes, and wagging her tail (yes, the dog, not my partner), she silently gave us the name. BookDoggy was born.

There are some very fine book promotion sites out there. I’ve used most of them. Some are more effective than others and some are more expensive than others. Unfortunately, the return from most of them has become less and less effective. Authors, who can’t or won’t spend the fees that the sites require, and who have often written a book that deserves an audience, are getting left behind. I thought there was a gap in the marketplace.

For the past five months, I’ve been working on We went live in July and it’s been a tremendous experience. We’ve surpassed our goals weekly, In fact, when I initially checked our stats the traffic to our site kept doubling day after day. And, it didn’t stop. I quickly increased the program we were using with our host to accommodate the increased number of readers and authors who were checking us out.

I’ll tell you more about the results we’ve had, but first, let me tell you what BookDoggy is all about.

I wanted to develop a way to promote eBooks at a reasonable cost to the author. Our rates start at no-charge and peak at $10. If you have a mailing list with over 300 subscribers and send out a blurb about BookDoggy (that we furnish you with) we’ll promote your book at no charge. Free eBook features are $8 and discounted and new releases are $10. We believe that the bulk of the financial return should go to the creator of the work, not the people who promote it.

BookDoggy does a few other things differently too.

  • We get back to authors within 72 hours after submission to let them know if we will promote their book.
  • We keep the book on our popular website for at least two weeks after the promotion (with a disclaimer regarding sale price).
  • We encourage our readers to connect with the author by posting a direct link to the author’s blog or website.
  • In order to continually add new, engaged readers we always offer a free draw. Our current prize is for a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • We accept books with a minimum number of reviews and lower than average review grade. We realize that there are a lot of hidden gems out there that haven’t found their audience yet.


At the beginning of July, we hit the ground running with some pre-selected books from authors who heard what we were doing and wanted to be involved. Then, we tracked some of their books. We made sure that these particular promotions were utilizing BookDoggy only so that we could measure actual numbers. And…it worked. It totally worked. Our little site helped authors hit #1 in several categories. Thousands of free eBooks were downloaded. And readers signed up to their favorite author’s mailing lists. Authors compared the results we helped them achieve with promotions they’d ran with sites that charged five to ten times what BookDoggy charges. Several authors who had advertised with us immediately re-submitted for their next promotions. We weren’t claiming to sell tens of thousands of books (although we helped give away thousands of free eBooks), but we knew we could offer a healthy return on investment.

The next part of our mandate is to take the relationship between readers and authors one step further. We think a promo site can help authors and readers connect directly. Not just by helping sell or give away books and certainly not by sending readers to an area of the book promo site where the author has a profile page. We want to tear down walls and help authors and readers engage. We have two programs coming up in the coming months that we hope will help achieve this. Either they’re going to work or this dog will be sitting with his tail between his legs. Oh, and there will be no additional charge when these programs are introduced. So, thank you all for your amazing support, and if you’re an author or a reader please check out and let us know what you think.

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  1. Hi Martin,

    This is awesome! I will definitely submit my book to “bookdoggy” (love the name and how you came up with it), and hope that you will accept it for promotion.

    Thank you, as always, for your commitment to fellow authors and readers.


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