Big, Huge, Amazing News – Upcoming Workshops in North Vancouver, Surrey, Smithers and Whistler

Recently, I helped facilitate my second self-publishing workshop. The weekend was tons of fun and my co-instructor and I were able to help twenty authors develop a blueprint on how to connect with readers and produce their work in a professional, cost-effective manner. That’s not my big news though.

In the weeks preceding the workshop I spoke at a number of different writers groups. Some were in coffee shops and there was barely standing room while others had only a few authorsAAAAA sitting around a table. All of them were extremely enjoyable and from time to time I even sold some books. Quite often, by putting in the time and trying to help the group I was invited to other events. That however, is still not my big news.

One of the events I’m returning to this year is the 2014 North Shore Writers Writers Festival on April 12th.  Last year was very cool. The format is the same this year. I’ll be part of a panel answering questions from the audience and discussing the best way to connect with readers. The other authors on the panel are very enthusiastic and last year the positive energy was incredible. So, that will also be a great time. This still, is not my huge, awesome news.

Local libraries have been really supportive in helping spread the word about my work and my self-publishing philosophy. Surrey library is close to home for me and they’ve invited me to teach a workshop on May 3rd. The event is called Write Here, Read Now and is open to writers and readers. It’s a free event and it’s really great to see the local libraries trying to help out authors. I’ll post more info on that one as it becomes available. As you probably guessed, this also is still not my big, awesome news.

smithers-52298_150After my talk for the BC Federation of writers at Vancouver Library I was contacted by their northern rep inviting me to teach at a writers retreat in October. The Rural Writers Retreat (I’m the yet-to-be-announced writer on their site) takes place in Smithers, British Columbia. It’s been several years since I’ve been up north so I had to MapQuest the location. Smithers is very, very far from me. This was a huge incentive. It’ll be four days of talking writing, publishing and actually doing some writing too in a fantastic, remote location. I’m very honored to be invited and can’t wait to spend time with thirty other writers. This was very huge news but there is one more event that I want to tell you about.

Last year when I taught my first self-publishing workshop in conjunction with the Vancouver School of Writing, my co-instructor and I created a bit of a buzz. Because of that buzz I’vewhistler-53618_150 been invited to open the 2014 Whistler Readers and Writers Festival. This is a biggie. It’s very progressive of the organizers to have a self-published guy like myself speaking and a great opportunity for me to show that self-published work can stand spine to spine with any other book. It’s on Oct. 17th and I’ll be teaching a one day self-publishing workshop. This will be available to participants of the festival (for a fee). The Whistler event has attracted some very talented authors over the years and I’ve heard great things about it.

And, in November I hope to be teaching another workshop locally. Venue and dates are still being determined.

It’s all going to be so much fun and if you’d like details on any of these just shoot me an email or check out the Latest News tab at and I’ll keep you up to date on all of my huge, awesome news.


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