4 Free Ways to Connect With Readers
And 1 Secret Weapon

I previously posted about the mistake I made a couple of years ago. In my efforts to keep my books in the forefront and advance up the ranking lists I did everything I could think of to connect with readers. If there was a social network or website where authors claimed to be selling books I was there. If there was a busy forum that mentioned e-books I was there. I tried to be everywhere. At the end of it all I was a mess of course. Now, I choose my endeavors much more carefully. No longer do I wander around airports handing out business cards to waiting travelers as they read on their portable devices. No longer do I spend night after night online as my eyes go squarer and squarer from sourcing out new ways to find readers. Now, I balance my writing versus non-writing time very carefully. And, if I’ve heard of a new site I check with my support group to see whether it’s working, and if it isn’t I move on.
I’ve come across a couple of sites recently that have helped me find readers for my work. These folks are working tirelessly to help authors. I thought I’d share some of my not-so-secret sources with you. And, it gives me great pleasure to remind those of you who aren’t using Mention to give it a try. It’s my secret weapon, and I can’t imagine not utilizing it.

buck booksYou may have heard of these guys. This site pays affiliate income. So, if you sign up others and they generate sales you get paid too. This has helped them grow their subscriber list. Their site currently sits in the top twenty thousand of all websites for traffic (according to Alexa). That’s a very strong ranking. The affiliate income aspect is working for some, but the advantage I’ve found is through their promotions. During a recent day when the only ad I ran was from Buck Books I sold two hundred and fifty books. I was very pleased. The ad is free, but they ask that you support them by promoting their daily deals and asking others to sign up. We often look for alternatives to Bookbub, well these guys are working very hard to help authors connect with readers. First step is to sign up as an affiliate. You can do that here (my affiliate link of course). Then, once you’re signed up you can apply to promote your book here.

This is a UK site, and again, these are great guys to work with. I entered the info from my books, including blurbs and cover images a couple of years ago.bookHippoTitle They recently sent me a notice telling me how many hundreds of clicks my books have had. When you are running a sale or have a new release contact them and they’ll do what they can to get the word out. It’s free to use their services but they do appreciate donations if you are able to help. The site is very nicely set up; in fact I just bought a book from there as I was researching this article.

manybooksThese folks have a paid and free feature. To be included as a basic entry in their newsletter there is no cost. If you want to step up for preferred placement there is a charge. They have sixty-thousand subscribers and although not growing at the pace of some others the time involved in submitting is minimal, and it is free.

readcheaplyJump on this one quickly – really quickly. You’ll recognize the format of their site from another well-known promo site. It’s currently free to promote with them, but this will change because just like Buckbooks it’s taking off and they’ve had some major successes.


There are so many reasons to sign up for Mention. These guys monitor the internet looking for any mentionmention-logo of you or your work. Using their free system you can enter your book titles and your name and when they find a blog or article or even a piracy site where you’re mentioned they let you know. Their system is so far ahead of Google Alerts that they eat them for breakfast. Because of their daily emails I’ve been able to thank bloggers and newspaper writers from all over the world who have written about me. And, I’ve been able to help shut down piracy sites who were giving away my books. I’m truly thankful for the great work these guys do. And again their basic service (which has been very helpful), is free.

Six months from now you’ll be placed on a very long waiting list to earn acceptance to the above promo sites. These are the movers – so, don’t wait. If you want to find readers from a new source that could potentially catch fire you should plan your events around the aforementioned sites. Again, they all currently have free features.
And, don’t forget to sign up for my beloved, and well-used Mention. They do have a paid upgrade selection that I will try and report back on, but for the past two years I’ve taken advantage of their free daily updates. You might be surprised where you’re being talked about. Do not delay – sign up for Mention.

For more info and inside scoops make sure you sign up to be notified of upcoming articles. I typically post once a month. Just click on the Subscribe button to the left or at the bottom of the page. Good luck with your promotions!

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  1. Tikiri says:

    As always, great advice and solid information. Many thanks Martin. Your support for new writers is indeed greatly appreciated.

  2. Martin, your resource lists and tips are always so pertinent and useful AND they always give me a kick in the pants to keep going (maybe even a little faster) on my present WIP so that I can be done in time to take advantage of your suggested sites and their deals, so for that I’m sending double thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing these precious resources, Martin. I am an affiliate for Buckbooks but haven’t used them for promo as yet. I will go through the list and sign up with the few among them that I’ve missed. Also, I have been using Mention for a few months now,further to reading this advice in your book and indeed, I’ve found many mentions of me and my books that Google Alerts never got a whiff off. It’s amazing, it even found me a pirate site. Again, thank you so much for being so generous with information! Last, to say, so nice to find a couple of pals from #eNovAaW here!

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      Thanks Affrosyni!

      I appreciate the feedback and good luck with Buck Books. I hope it works for you.

  4. Christopher Connor says:

    There is a myriad of promo sites out there and it can get confusing, particularly for newbie writers such as myself. Thankfully I’ve had good experiences so far from companies such as BookScream and eBookBooster (one, I think you may have previously suggested). Thanks for sharing your experiences and pointing us in the right direction, Martin.

  5. Ivanka Di Felice says:

    Dear Mr. Crosbie,
    Thank you so very much for alerting me to the above sites. I have used three of them already and am very happy with the results! This morning I received an alert from Mention that Maliqbooks.net was giving away my book, A Zany Slice of Italy for free! I was appalled, especially since I have paid thousands for editing and formatting and am not even selling my book for much ($3.99 regularly.) How dare they! Anyhow, I hope I took the proper steps to get them to remove my book. Thank you again for your insightful information.
    Best regards,
    Ivanka Di Felice

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      Ivanka, I’m glad Mention was able to find it for you. If you need a blank DMCA to get the site to remove your book please let me know.

      • Ivanka Di Felice says:

        Thanks, that form would be wonderful. I am completely new to this and until you emailed me about Mention it never even occurred to me that someone would be posting my book for free!Now I have found two other sites hubbubooks.com and homeidea.rocks and the original one Maliqbooks.net is also under everyclockistickinfaster.tumblr.com Again, how sad these ones try to make money off of the hours of time and money we have invested!

        Thank you so very much! Hope all is going well with your writing and I wish you great success.

        A fellow Canadian, in Italy!
        Ivanka Di Felice

    • Martin Crosbie says:

      I appreciate the follow Richard. Please connect with me on Facebook so I can check out your new release. All the best!

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